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Marcoon Creative understands HOW to help you get YOU the design - and traffic - you need.


We'll help you give them the eye candy they crave - and entice them to stick around. That's what we do.

And? We base it all on solid marketing and search engine optimization principles.


Marcoon means options: from hands-off to we'll show you how.

Whether you want us to do it all for you, or you want to learn how to maintain it yourself,

we have a package that's right for you.

Having someone understand your vision is extremley important. Diana not only understood but she supplemented it with her own experience and expertise. I appreciated the patience more than anything! Couldn’t be happier with the end result.
— Cor Beattie, Fine Artist. Four Corner Art - ON

Four Corner ART

Marcoon Creative Design created a new logo and top-to-bottom site redesign for Four Corner Art,
taking the site from antiquated to awesome!

For Corner Art wanted clean aesthetics and user-friendly navigation to encourage visitors to stick around.

Along with a great User Experience, Marcoon Creative Design also provided robust back-end Search Engine Optimization. 



Because if YOU don't look good, we don't look good.

Big thanks to Diana Rickard Coote for all her incredible work with our logo, business cards & website design!! She’s the kind of partner that prides herself in her work and goes over and above the call of duty💋 Love you and your company...Marcoon: creative design
— Nandini Sarkar, TastersHUB - ON


Along with full branding - logo, fonts, palette, voice - Marcoon created a highly customized site for TastersHUB, a foodie's paradise in Ottawa, ON - from soup to nuts.

They needed all the ingredients for a successful online presence - from website, including all content and images, to site tags, meta data and search engine optimization. And we delivered - on time and on budget. That's what we do.

But we can say anything we want, can't we? What really counts is what THEY say. 

Well, ok, fair enough. They really should speak for themselves. Their (unsolicited) words are above. At Marcoon, we exist to make YOU look GREAT.


Legit the best overall marketing and web site experience we have ever experienced. Went above and beyond. Marcoon took the time to understand our market and delivered a world class experience. Diana brought her A game and we couldn’t be happier with the end result and we will no doubt continue with Marcoon for all our future marketing and promotional work. You need Marcoon, you deserve Marcoon, Marcoon is the best that’s it.
— Joshua Style, OCR Academy - ON

OCR Academy

Marcoon's web design project for OCR Academy was a top-to-bottom redesign.

Of course, we made sure to make the site beautiful and functional - easy navigation is key.
That's the front-end, user-experience  stuff.

We also made sure all page descriptions and meta tags were dialed.
Why is that part important, too?

Those meta descriptions and tags help search engines find YOU -

right when potential clients and customers are searching for people and places


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